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Meditatietraining Starters

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Meditatietraining Starters

Ontdek hoe leuk, luchtig en makkelijk meditatie is in deze training speciaal voor starters en voor herstarters 😉

In 3 modules met in totaal 11 lessen bouwen we het fundament voor jouw meditatie practice.

<-- Start met deze introductie video.

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Module 1

Zet de eerste stappen op jouw meditatiepad...

Les 1 - Introductie in meditatie

Let's start with an introduction to meditation.

In this lesson I'll explain more about this training and let's unnerve some of the myths that exists about meditation 😉 

Also we will talk about the benefits of meditation and what it can bring you.

Les 2 - Breathing to calm yourself

Yes! We are going to meditate!

We start out with a wonderful breathing technique that will have an immediate effect on your peace of mind 😉

Les 3 - More Breathing techniques

In this lesson, we will dive deeper into breathing and together we will explore and practice two more techniques.

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Module 2

Maak meditatie tot je beste vriend...

Les 4 - Releasing old feelings

Today we will talk about how our thoughts and feelings create tension in our body and our mind. You will discover how meditation can help to release old emotions or trauma's. 

Les 5 - Daily Practice

Tips for implementing meditation in your daily life!

In this video we will talk about how you can make meditation easy and fun and make your practice habitual. 

And we talk about why it is so difficult to change habits, because there is very physical cause for this...

Please share in the community your favourite ways of implementing meditation during your day. 

Les 6 - Brain Balance

In this class we will practice a breathing technique that balances both halves of the brain.

I will explain the technique first and then we will go through it together. 

Les 7 - Increase your energy levels

Energy energy! 

In this lesson you will learn a meditation technique that gives you more energy.

We start with a balancing meditation, because energy should always be grounded first.

Les 8 - Morning Meditation

In this 8th class we will do an effective meditation to start your day off right. Based on the technique you learned in the previous lesson, we will send out some good vibes and helpful affirmations into our day. 

This meditation will help you to create a flow of abundance and fill you up with refreshing energy on the go.

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Module 3

Lichaamsbewustzijn - bodyscan en zintuigen

Les 9 - Bodyscan Meditations

You may have heard of the bodyscan technique. It's a meditation technique in which we 'scan' the body, bringing our awareness to all of our bodyparts, one at a time.

The most known benefit of this practice is relaxation. But did you know that it also helps you to set healthy boundaries for yourself? 

In this class we'll do a short bodyscan, to get familiair with the practice and to show you how you can easily do one yourself at every moment. 

Les 10 - Bodyscan techniques

In this video we will talk about different ways in which you can do deep bodyscans, including techniques that have a profound healing effect.

You can try these techniques out for yourself, but if you want to do these with guidence, take a look in the library and search for "bodyscan" and you will find several guided meditations. 

Les 11 - Explore your senses

In this lesson we will work with our senses. What we feel, hear, sea, taste and smell will help us to get more aware of our surroundings ánd of how we are part of it.

We will do a couple of short meditations that help you tune into your senses. 

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Meditatietraining Starters

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